Lubricants for vintage and modern era classic cars

Vintage and modern era classic cars have special requirements for the lubricant to be used. Additives are added to modern engine oils. Their cleaning properties dissolve deposits in the interior of the engine. However, with vintage and modern era classic cars, they cause blockages in the oil channels. The consequence can be serious engine damage. In addition, incompatibilities with seal materials and the metals used can lead to leaks damaging the engine.

For this reason, ADDINOL offers not only engine and transmission oils with the latest specifications and releases. The product range also includes universal and special lubricants for older vehicles, such as engine and transmission oils, function fluids through to practical aids, such as sprays and greases.

The ADDINOL Classics brochure offers information on the comprehensive product range and contains many useful tips on correct selection as well as the use of the appropriate lubricants. You can download these from our useful Download area.


Heiko Stephan

Application Technology


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