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ADDINOL kølebeskyttelse – forblandet og godkendt

Besides reliable lubrication, heat exchange is decisive for safe operation of a gas engine. Only the use of a high-quality cooler protection agent guarantees the optimum heat exchange.

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Rengøring og beskyttelse af hele systemer

In the context of general maintenance and repair or chains, slide elements and roller systems, for fault-free operation we recommend regular system cleaning with the ADDINOL System Cleaner HT.

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Semi syntetisk olie

Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of synthetic oils and mineral oils. The proportion of synthetic oils from Group IV base oils and Group V base oils must be at least 10%.

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Shear stability describes the property of an oil to resist the action of shear forces and the related mechanical destruction by breaking and tearing. It is the resistance to changes in viscosity.

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HC syntetisk olie

The term HC synthetic oil refers to a base oil of a lubricant which is refined by the production process of hydrocracking. HC stands for Hydrocracking. HC synthetic oil is a highly refined mineral oil with a high purity level.

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