What is splash lubrication?

The term splash lubrication refers to a lubrication method for primarily industrial gear units. At least the lower teeth of the gears are located in an oil reservoir. The gear wheels are thus immersed in the oil. When the gear is set in motion, oil is automatically transported to all moving parts and lubrication points.

With splash lubrication it is very important to check the oil level in the gear regularly. If the oil level is too low, inadequate lubrication and wear may occur. If the oil level is too high, splashing losses and high oil consumption are possible. Depending on the design of the gear unit, however, a certain oil distribution through splash lubrication is desired. For example, smaller quantities of oil may splash through the movement to non-submerged lubrication points such as rolling bearings and provide lubrication there.

What are the advantages of splash lubrication?

Splash lubrication is a relatively simple method of lubricating industrial gears. The process is easy to handle, cost effective and guarantees good lubrication properties when the oil is filled to the correct level. The oil is distributed evenly throughout the entire gear and fulfils the required cooling properties.

Schematic diagram of immersion lubrication for a gear
The gear is partially immersed in the oil


Heiko Stephan

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