SAE 140 transmission oil from ADDINOL

SAE Class 140 transmission oils consist of high-quality mineral oils. They are mildly additivated and therefore also compatible with older passenger car models such as vintage cars or classic motorcycles. The main areas of application for SAE 140 class transmission oil are manual transmissions and hypoid toothed axle drives in motor and commercial vehicles. With our Oilfinder you can check whether SAE 140 class oil is suitable for your gearbox.

Our SAE 140 transmission oils


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If the manufacturer's instructions for your vehicle recommend SAE 140 class transmission oil, we can offer you a product with good wear and corrosion protection properties. Benefit from a long gearbox service life. It is best suited for vintage cars, older cars and motorcycles.

SAE 140 meaning

SAE 140 describes the SAE class according to which the transmission oil was classified. This classification is made by the Society of Automotive Engineers. These are monograde oils which are mainly used at temperatures above freezing point. SAE 140 oils have no optimised cold flow behaviour and are more viscous at cold temperatures than winter oils. The number "140" refers to the kinematic viscosity of the gear oil at 100 °C. This is within a range of 24.0 - 32.4 mm²/s. The higher the number, the more viscous the oil is. SAE 140 class gear oil is considered to be one of the thickest oils used in passenger cars.

Overview of the SAE classes for transmission oils
Overview of the SAE classes for transmission oils


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