Engine oils for Porsche

Although Porsche belongs to the VW group, the manufacturer does not use the current VW standards for the release of engine oils, but assigns its own specifications. Since the Porsche models have a powerful engine, own standards became necessary. Basically, a distinction is only made between the Porsche standard A40 (primarily for petrol engines) and C30 (primarily for diesel engines). With our Oilfinder you can check exactly which oil is suitable for your Porsche. Engine oils from ADDINOL offer excellent wear and corrosion protection. They reduce fuel consumption and guarantee a long engine life.

Which ADDINOL engine oil is the best for my Porsche?

In our approval list for Porsche you will find all ADDINOL products that you can use without any problems. Only fill your Porsche with engine oil that meets the requirements of the operating instructions. This means that Porsche's manufacturer's warranty remains unaffected. The current Porsche models have a Longlife character, which increases the oil change intervals to 30,000 kilometres or two years.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to generalise which oil is suitable for your Porsche. This depends on the year of manufacture, the engine, the fuel used and the model. Find the right engine oil for models like Porsche 911, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Boxter or Porsche Cayman with our Oilfinder.

Porsche on a wet street
We meet many Porsche specifications with our engine oils

OEM specifications from Porsche

Porsche standardSAE classesField of application
A400W40, 5W40, 5W50Engine oils for all gasoline engines except Cayenne V6 and hybrid gasoline engines
C305W30Engine oils for all diesel engines as well as petrol engines from Cayenne V6 and Hybrid

The Porsche standards C20 (corresponds to SAE Class 0W20) and C40 (corresponds to SAE Class 0W40 & 5W40) will only be issued from models from 2018 onwards and could be more relevant in future. SAE Class 10W60 engine oils have high shear stability and are particularly suitable for use in sporty high-performance engines. Porsche uses 10W60 engine oils in air-cooled 911 models, for example.


Sven Köhler