Engine oils for Opel

The special manufacturer approvals for Opel come from the parent company GM (General Motors). Opel makes it easy for its customers to access the release list. The specifications are manageable. The new "dexos2" specification applies to most cars from model year 2010, which is also backwards compatible for petrol and diesel engines before model year 2010. With our Oilfinder you will find the right oil for your Opel. The ADDINOL engine oils for the current approvals and most popular vehicle models you will find below also summarized. With the powerful engine oils from ADDINOL you get your Opel going. Benefit from the smooth-running properties of our engine oil for fuel-efficient operation. Ensure a long engine life with our extensive wear and corrosion protection.

Which ADDINOL engine oil is the best for my Opel?

Only engine oil that meets the requirements of the operating instructions of your car should be used. The Opel manufacturer's warranty is thus retained. Many ADDINOL oils fully meet the requirements for the current Opel approvals.


Specifications / Approvals:

GM-LL-A-025, GM-LL-B-025, dexos 2


Specifications / Approvals:

GM-LL-A-025, GM-LL-B-025


Specifications / Approvals:

dexos 1 gen2

Which engine oil can be used for your Opel depends on the year of manufacture, the engine, the fuel used and a possible Longlife service. Opel makes the selection quite simple due to the few specifications. The model year usually determines which oil is the right one for your Opel Astra, Opel Corsa or Opel Zafira. For safety reasons, check with our oil finder which oil suits your model.

Opel Corsa on the road in the desert
We meet many Opel specifications with our engine oils

OEM specifications of Opel / General Motors

Opel standard (GM)SAE classesField of application
GM-LL-A-0255W30Petrol engines up to MY '11 with long replacement intervals, HTHS ≥ 2.9 mPas
GM-LL-B-0255W30, 5W40, 5W50, 10W60Diesel engines from MY '02 with long change intervals, HTHS ≥ 3.5 mPas, also suitable for petrol and diesel engines before MY '02
dexos 25W30, 5W40, 0W30, 0W40Gasoline and diesel engines with new exhaust aftertreatment systems such as DPF from MY 2010 with long change intervals, HTHS ≥ 3.5 mPas, also backward compatible for many gasoline and diesel engines before MY '10
dexos 1 gen25W30Special petrol engines like 1.0L (LE1), 1.4L (LUJ), 1.4L (LE2), 1.5L (LFV) and 2.0L (LTG)

Longlife oils for Opel

There are some Opel models that are equipped with a Longlife service. This enables longer oil change intervals and is particularly practical for frequent drivers. The oil can be operated up to 30,000 kilometres and does not have to be changed after 15,000 kilometres. If you have an Opel with Longlife service, the board computer will calculate the next oil change interval for you.


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