MB 229.52 approval for engine oils

The engine oil specification MB 229.52 is issued by Mercedes-Benz for gasoline engines and diesel vehicles with/without diesel particulate filter. Appropriate models are:

  • Petrol engines: M 176 in BR 222 and BR 217, 132, 256, 264, 266, 270, 271, 274 (except: 213053)
  • Diesel engines without particulate filter: OM 640, 642, 646, 651, 660
  • Diesel engines with particulate filter: OM 607, 626, 629, 640, 642, 646, 651, 654, 656, 660

The MB 229.52 oils are low SAPS oils and therefore burn with low emissions. The standard is based on MB 229.51. In addition, the oils are required to have good oxidation stability and higher fuel economy. The MB 229.52 standard applies to the OM 642 6-cylinder diesel engines with BLUETEC technology with Euro 6 exhaust gas standard and SCR exhaust gas treatment. The specification MB 229.52 covers the viscosity classes SAE 0w30 and SAE 5w30. The change intervals for engine oils with the release MB 229.52 can be found in your service booklet.

Our MB 229.52 engine oils

We have summarised all ADDINOL engine oils with MB 229.52 approval for you. You can find out whether you need engine oil with the standard MB 229.52 in the operating manual of your car. Alternatively, our Oilfinder will advise you.



SAE 5W-30

Specifications / Approvals:



MB 229.51, MB 229.52


Sven Köhler

Product Manager Automotives / Gas Engine Oils