Chain adhesive oil from ADDINOL

Chain adhesive oils are special oils, which mostly consist of mineral oils or biodegradable vegetable oils. The formula of the oils depends on the application where high adhesion is required. This includes the lubrication of chains, gates or transport equipment. Machine elements that are exposed to strong vibrations, centrifugal forces or extreme contamination also benefit from chain oils. In the private sector chain oils are mainly used as chainsaw oils. Special additives such as adhesion additives are added to the chain oils, which enable the oil to adhere better to the working medium and prevent the oil from dripping from the lubrication point even during rotation and vibration. Similar additives can also be found in adhesive lubricants.

Our chain adhesive oils and chain saw oils


Chainsaw oil

meets the requirements:
CEC L-33-T-82, KWF Board of Trustees for Forestry Work and Forest Technology Groß-Umstadt


Chainsaw oil

CEC L-33-A-93 (> 98%), OECD 301 D (> 83% after 28d)


Chainsaw oil

CEC L-33-A-93 (> 98%), OECD 301 D (> 83% after 28d)


Motorcycle chain oil

Operating temperature from -30°C to +130°C

The following properties are important for our chain oils:

  • Good adhesion
  • High thermal stability
  • Corrosion and wear protection
  • Good cooling effect
  • Oxidation stability and ageing resistance

Special application chain saw oil

The chainsaw oils from ADDINOL get your chainsaw going. They reliably lubricate important components such as saw chains, rails and sprockets. The oils reduce the friction between saw chain and chainsaw bar. This results in less wear and tear and the chainsaw remains functional for a long time. Chainsaw oil is temperature resistant and can be used all year round.

Simply fill the chain oil into the oil tank of the chainsaw. The oil is then transported to the saw chain via an oil pump when the chainsaw is in operation. Some chainsaws allow the adjustment of the amount of oil supplied depending on the bar length, type of wood and viscosity of the chainsaw oil. According to studies, a chainsaw consumes about 0.3 to 0.4 litres of oil per hour of use. Therefore, the oil level must be checked regularly and refilled if necessary.

Top up chain saw oil
Chainsaw oil keeps your chainsaw running

Biodegradable chainsaw oil

ADDINOL chainsaw oils are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are composed on the basis of rapeseed oil. This means that oil drops do not damage the environment. Soil and groundwater remain clean and the oil decomposes in an environmentally friendly way. These oils are often summarized under the term "bio chain oil".

The typical composition of organic chain oils is:

  • Rapeseed oil (approx. 97%)
  • Oil-dissolved rubber as adhesion improver (approx. 2%)
  • Acrylic copolymer as thickener (approx. 1%)
  • Mineral oils to stabilize the oil (< 1%)

Even if our organic chainsaw oil contains small amounts of mineral oil and can be mixed with mineral oil-based products, we do not recommend mixing it with a pure mineral product. First empty the oil tank of your chainsaw and then fill in the organic chain oil. Only then your chainsaw will operate environmentally friendly.


Steffen Homberg