Hydraulic oil HLPD 68 is a detergent and dispersing hydraulic oil based on mineral oil. It is free of zinc, heavy metals and silicone. The product is manufactured from high-quality mineral oil raffinates with an active ingredient combination that improves corrosion protection, ageing behaviour and wear protection and at the same time produces a cleaning effect in hydraulic systems.

The designation HLPD 68 comes from the designation "HLPD" of hydraulic fluids according to DIN 51524-2 and the number "68", which refers to the standardized ISO VG class.

Our HLPD 68 hydraulic oils


Specifications / Approvals:

DIN 51524-2 (HLPD), DIN EN ISO 6743-4 (HM)

meets the requirements:
MAN N 698, MB DBL 6721

HLPD 68 features

The HLPD 68 hydraulic oils are characterised by the following properties:

  • Detergent properties
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Dispersing properties
  • Excellent wear protection properties
  • Good compatibility with the usual sealing and coating materials

HLPD 68 temperature range

Hydraulic oils marked HLPD 68 by ADDINOL have a pour point of approx. -26 °C. At this temperature, the oil is barely flowable. The flash point is about 245 °C. At this temperature the oil starts to burn. However, the optimum operating temperature is between -20 °C and 90 °C. Within this temperature range, the hydraulic oil can be used without any problems.

HLPD 68 viscosity

The viscosity of HLPD 68 refers to the defined viscosity class of ISO VG (International Organization for Standardization Viscosity Grade). This describes that the kinematic viscosity of the hydraulic oil at 40 °C must be between 61.2 and 74.8 mm²/s. The centre point viscosity is exactly 68 mm²/s. Oil of ISO VG class 68 has approximately the flow behaviour of an edible oil. It is relatively thin if the ISO VG scale from 2 (very thin) to 1500 (viscous) is used as a comparison.


Hans-Jürgen Scholz