Fork oil for motorbikes from ADDINOL

Fork oils belong to the function fluids of motorcycles and are similar in composition to hydraulic oils. They are also referred to as shock absorber oil. The fork oil of ADDINOL is used for the lubrication of motorcycle forks, suspension struts, shock absorbers and other spring elements. It is suitable for motorcycles in sporty road operation as well as for motocross in off-road use at highest loads.

Our fork oil

Fork oil properties

The fork oil of ADDINOL impresses by the following properties:

  • Outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Excellent damping properties
  • Improved ageing stability
  • Improved wear and corrosion protection
  • Multi-range characteristics
  • Excellent air separation ability
  • Neutral against sealing materials

It supplies the lubrication points even at low temperatures. It also improves the functionality of the vibration dampers, driving comfort and safety. Due to its sliding properties, there is no undesired slip-stick.

Fork of a motorcycle
We have the right fork oil for your motorcycle

Fork oil viscosity

The viscosity of the fork oil provides information about the flow properties of the oil at different temperatures. For example, it is important that the fork oil remains fluid and lubricates the fork even at cold outside temperatures. For automotive applications, fork oils are therefore formulated to comply with SAE classes 5W or 10W. The shock absorber oil of ADDINOL corresponds to SAE grade 5W and is therefore pumpable up to a temperature of -35 °C. Oils with SAE grade 10W can withstand temperatures down to -30 °C.

As the fork oil must have strong sliding properties, a comparatively low viscosity (thin fluid) is advantageous. For certain applications the shock absorber oil of ADDINOL can also be used as hydraulic oil in industrial areas. Our fork and shock absorber oils are classified in viscosity grade ISO VG 15.

The viscosity of the fork oil required for your motorcycle can be found in the OEM specifications in the operating manual of your vehicle.

Change fork oil

Fork oil, like engine oil or transmission oil, must be changed regularly. On the one hand, fork oil is subject to the natural ageing of the oil due to constant stress, which causes the oil to lose its optimum lubricating properties. On the other hand, dirt particles and moisture are carried into the shock absorber oil by the sliding sealing rings on the telescopic fork, which also accelerates oil ageing. The intervals for changing fork oil cannot be generalized and are always based on the manufacturer's specifications. Please refer to the owner's manual of your motorcycle to find out the exact change intervals.

The oil change of fork oil can be done by yourself, but depending on the construction of the motorcycle, it requires some craftsmanship. For some motorcycles the fork oil can be drained at a drain plug. For other models the fork must be completely removed. This also requires special tools (e.g. spring retainers), which not everyone has available. Also, the amount of fresh oil must correspond exactly to the manufacturer's specifications, as it has an influence on the spring rate of the fork and the later riding feeling. Therefore, only experienced handyman should change the shock absorber oil on motorcycles themselves. If you are not sure how to change the oil, please contact your local workshop. You can bring the suitable new fork oil from ADDINOL with you.


Christian Retschke